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Find out more about the projects and websites I've created over the past few years.



Latest website - ConsultingWhere

The most recently developed website, responsive across all devices. I designed it from scratch and developed it using the latest web trends.

WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS

More examples...

GitHub Projects

Growers Nation

Recently helped in a Hackathon organised by the Met Office in creating a prototype version of a Growers application.

HTML5, Dojo, jQuery, CSS

Robo-Dojo Prototyping

I've been using Dojo for about a year, and having extensive experience of the Flex Robotlegs framework have been playing with some new concepts for Dojo - a more de-coupled MVC pattern.

HTML5, Dojo, CSS

Surf Web Service

Keen to get more information about surf conditions from as many sources as possible, I created a Java web service earlier this year to utilise Met Office data.

Java, Spring, Maven, completely unit tested


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